Key features

Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal.

Offline first, seamless sync

Our system works regardless of where you want to use it, even if you're offline. Data collected offline are automatically updated as soon as you're back online.

Runs on regular devices

Pirx system works on most smartphones, laptops, and tablets. It's a great way to give your old devices a new life.

Ease of use

We take extra steps to make our app easy to use and intuitive. It will take you only a few minutes to get to know it and start using it in your organisation.


See your organisation work in progress in close to real-time accuracy, enjoy beautifully crafted reports at a tap of your finger.


We integrate NFC sensors and accessories to improve your time and attendance records. We offer external readers and compatible contactless cards.


Pirx helps you understand the strong points of your team, communicate and reward your employees based on their efficiency.

New ways to control your business

Take a deeper dive into Pirx system. Download it. Use it. It's free to record work of your first five employees.

Our Team

Radoslaw Kowalski

Radoslaw has an MSc in Supply Chain Management from the University of Kent which involved working on applied projects with managers from Sainsbury’s as well as Gotham & Son, a leading apple and pear grower in Kent. Radoslaw is currently doing a PhD in UCL. The PhD involves programming and the creation of code for data analysis with artificial intelligence.

Radoslaw Kowalski
Kasia Suliga
UX designer/ marketing

Kasia Suliga is a coach, a UX designer and a marketing specialist. Her educational background and coaching experience have helped her build digital products for the market where adaptation of technology is more challenging. She aims to create self-explanatory products that work without a manual.

Kasia Suliga
UX designer/ marketing
Marek Suliga
Tech lead / programmer

Mark Suliga is a software developer specializing in web technologies and cloud-based systems. He has excellent and long-term experience in the field and has worked over the last decade with some of the leading innovators in the wearable tech industry on a wide range of products from web systems, websites, APIs and mobile apps.

Marek Suliga
Tech lead / programmer

App Reviews

What people say about our app.

*Google User*

``Useful for the settlement of employees during my absence in the establishment. We know who was at the job and how much time he spends outside. In my case, it works only with a reader (NFC) or a device with this function. The advantage is also the minimum purchase price of cards, and technical support by phone. I recommend it for small and medium companies.``

Daniel Gos

``Superb application!``

Grzegorz Kaszewiak

``Great software, recommended.``

Pirx Shop

Simple and predictable pricing. Try it for free for up to five active employees.

Top Up your account
for our pay as you go customers
How it works
Download the PIRX app
Use it for free for up to five employees
Buy a Top Up to pay on account for every next employee (it costs you $2 per person per month).
Top up again when needed or simply wait for an invoice at the end of the month
NFC Card Reader
to be used everywhere with your smartphone.
How it works
The set includes the reader and all the cables you need to attach it to your smartphone
NFC cards are needed to make it work
Touch in and our option for your employees
Security and admin controls
Quick access to payouts, and work logging just by touching the reader
NFC - contactless cards
to be used with your smartphone or card reader
/ per 5 cardsBuy now
How it works
Attach the card to each employee
Start using it with your phone if it has a NFC reader or with an additional card reader.
With one touch check any profile
Time and attendance record system for your employees - use Terminal.

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